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Practicing Tips


Have you ever heard the phrase “Practice makes perfect?” Well that’s only partly true. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Below you will find some helpful tips for ways to make sure you are successful while you practice during the school year. Always remember – you only get out what you put in AND all experts were once beginners! So keep practicing!  

1. Be sure to set aside at least an hour a week to pick up your instrument and practice. When you only practice during class it’s like not doing the homework for your math class. Class time is a place to ask for help and learn new skills, not a place to practice those new skills. That’s why at home practice is SO important.  

2. Practice long tones, scales, scale patterns, new music and always end with something fun!

3. During the school year make sure you pay attention to what we are working on in class. Don’t spend all of your time practicing the “popular” music you find online. Remember what you were struggling on in class then isolate those parts and work through them. Which leads to…..  

4. Make sure you practice by working in small passages or slowing things down then getting faster. Don't try to play through everything the first time, all at once at perfect performance tempo - you will get frustrated! Take the time to practice smaller segments individually before you put it all together.

5. And of course .... Be sure to clean your instrument when you are done practicing :)

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